REVIEW: Faith, Hope and Murder by Elise M Stone

I received this book free courtesy of the author

Finished on: 6th August, 2013

Rating: 3.5 stars

The Book
This is the first book in the series and is a debut novel by the author.

We follow Faith Andersen, web designer, who is unsure about God and is now suddenly unemployed.
Faith has promised to help Ursula, a German immigrant, prove that her fiancee (Michael) is innocent and not responsible for the murder of Carlos Fuentes who before his death sold Mexicans dreams of a better life in America.

Enter Pastor John Menard, divorcee and father of one, who wants to update his church’s website for a little bit of romance.

My Opinion
This is a nice, well written book with a great plot. The characters are distinct. We see most of the story from Faith’s POV. John and Hope’s POV come up sometimes but it’s never confusing.

The story line is easy to follow. The pace is good and steady. Not too fast. Not too slow. There’s no rush. Everything is well thought out.

I liked that it’s not preachy, yet there’s the underlying theme of faith/belief in God.

All in all, Stone put together a well written piece with everything you’d see in a regular mystery.

Recommended for readers who are squeamish but enjoy a good mystery. And who don’t mind a bit of religion

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