REVIEW: Forever Mine by Elizabeth Reyes

I got this book free from the author

Read: July 28, 2013
Rated 3.5 stars

The Book
This is the first book in the Moreno Brothers series.
Sarah has just moved to California to stay with her aunt after her mum goes to jail for embezzlement.
in her new school, she develops a relationship with star player Angel but things are complicated because of her relationship with her best friend Sydney back home in Arizona.

My Thoughts
This is a great read. I loved the characters although they had their flaws. The writing was okay. The plot was great and the flow was wonderful.

It’s a short, quick and easy read

I thought that Angel’s “overprotectiveness” was too much and got tiring sometimes. Sarah was a bit gullible about the whole perv coach issue for someone who’s supposed to be so mature and wise.

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