Thursday Random Ramblings

Yesterday, I forgot to mention two things. One, Rivers State House of Assembly fight. How disgraceful. I have nothing else to say.

Two the constitution review that basically allows paedophilia. I’m just upset. I was not the best student in government but even I know that Nigeria is a secular state so no religion has bearing in the constitution. That guy, Yerima-or-what’s-his-face should even be in jail. He has a now 14 year old ‘wife’ from Egypt. She’s been his wife for like 2/3 years now.

The randomness that is today’s post

Now, in my last post I mentioned that I didn’t have a phone for a week so please don’t judge me for the what you’re about to see. Boredom leads to all sorts.

> What did they use as condoms in days of old. I’m talking way way back.

> What did women use during their periods before the creation of Always and co.

> How do you dispose a used condom. Aren’t you afraid someone would want to take it and use you for jazz like they use used pads in Nigerian movies

> I went to a store the other day and saw: ‘glow in the dark, fruit flavoured, studded, vibrating condoms. What do you need these things for

> What did women do when their husbands went to war for months on end. As per their sex life

> Who invented the toilet. Why? What was he thinking

> Why is it that whenever a girl is reading a novel, everyone guys automatically assume it’s romance or erotica.

> Who came up with words. Why is a house called a house and not a table for example.

> Why do we act like once you buy something from a store, it’s shelf life decreases. A lot.
Example 1: you buy bread that has been around for a day. You take it home and leave it for another 2. It’s not fresh but it’s not spoilt either but the general reaction is that the bread is no good.
Example 2: you buy a canned product -sardine, baked beans, whatever- it isn’t due to expire for another year but whenever you see it in your kitchen, you’re hyperventilating because “it’s no longer good”

> I wonder if people realize what BEAUTY pageants are. It is a Beauty pageant. The only criteria, I believe, is or should be beauty. So I don’t understand why people expect something different.

And thus ends the randomness that is this post.

During my imposed phone free week, I wasn’t just thinking about random things. I read a few physical books that had been in the house for a while. I read The Notebook, Death of A Salesman, The Wounded Spirit and The Poet by Micheal Connelly. I’m just wondering where this guy has been all my life. This book is amazing.

I dreamt about the Nook deal on dealdey yesterday night/this morning. 😥

As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.
– Psalm 103:12

He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.
– 2 Corinthians 5:21

Grace and Peace


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