While I’ve Been Away

I’ve been off the blog for over 2 weeks and the internet for a week. I took my phone to Samsung and to get it back was a struggle.

Within that one week, I had a lot of free time. In that free time, a lot has happened and I have come up with a lot of random thoughts that may produce 3 or 4 posts.

The next few posts would be a random summary of what’s been happening and the weird things I think about when I have nothing else to do

I’ll just quickly talk about Trayvon Martin. I don’t know what happened.  Nobody except Zimmerman and Martin do. What I do know is that Martin was a victim of racial profiling. If it was a white kid wearing a hoodie, he wouldn’t have looked “suspicious”. I mean: black young man. Check. Hoodie. Check. Hands in pockets. Check. He’s obviously looking for houses to rob.
Even from Zimmerman’s comments, you could easily gather that it was racism. Plain and simple.
Would the verdict have been different if both of them were black or white or if Zimmerman was black and Martin white?
I’ve read a lot of articles and watched a number of videos and will just share. At the end of the post.

Jonathan commented on the Yobe killings where a lot of children were murdered in school. He said that he condemns the killings and that they would go to hell. Ko ba ti patewo fun won. Oniranu. President that the only thing he knows how to do is talk.

A lot of people have died this year. So sudden and unexpected. The first person who’s death hit me hard was Tobi. I went to secondary school with him and we graduated together. He died a few weeks before his 18th birthday. On his birthday I cried. I wasn’t particularlying close friends with Tobi. I have known him for over five years. I still think about it sometimes. This is someone who graduated with me.
Then someone off twitter who is friends with a lot of the people I’m friends with and everyone was sad. I read a lot of tributes to her and I cried even though I didn’t know her. Then another person off twitter – I think my sister used to talk to her – died. She’s about my age. Then Ewar died and I was very sad.
So last week, when I heard that LOS guys were in a car accident in Abuja, my heart wanted to fly out of my throat. I was already crying before I saw that nothing happened to them. Two of them went to my school, one of them graduated with my brother and we were friends. That all of them survived with no serious injuries was a miracle. The car they were in fell off a bride and tumbled around before stopping on its side.

This morning, I read that child cancer survivor, cover girl and YouTube makeup artiste Talia died today. I followed her story and she was such an inspiration. So bright and full of sunshine.

This post is already getting too long. And I’m starting to get sad again.

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System Worked

On a totally random note, I saw this deal on dealdey.com for a Nook and 7000 free ebooks. and I wanted to cry. This is my dream honestly. 7 freaking thousand books. If I got that and read one every single day, it would take me almost 20 years.

Grace and Peace


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