Born That Way?

are people really born gay? . This article makes a lot of sense especially about the leviticus passages

Born That Way?.


2 thoughts on “Born That Way?

  1. Just read the article. Very interesting facts, thought provoking questions.

    The cultural angle is another one. We Africans like to say it’s unAfrican, a relatively new development but then there have always been gay people in ancient societies.

    I really don’t know what to think- as a lawyer-to-be, I’m inclined towards the argument that we are all entitled to equal rights. Homosexuality is a sin? Okay, let God be the judge, don’t punish them on earth.
    But then, it’s still complicated cos I really don’t know what to think of it-

    If being gay is something people learn, why can’t it be unlearnt?

    I saw the movie ‘A Girl Like Me’, a biopic- and it really had me thinking. The guy was so comfortable being a girl. Like from birth. If his parents stifled this, nipped this in the bud, would this have made a difference? Would it have un-gayed him or just repressed him into silence?

    I look at people like Kurt on Glee (Chris Colfer) and I strongly feel he was born this way.

    This has been a really long comment.


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