Where do I start.

I’m sorry for just disappearing and not posting anything here this year.

This year has been…
We aren’t even halfway and things are baaaaaaad.

These past few months have been full of (a few ups but mostly) downs and downs. I still tweet, go on Facebook once in a while, post pictures on instagram etc but it has been a bad year (so far).

These things I’m dealing with aren’t things I can share. Yet. When I’m in a better place and at the right time, I may share.

Ups so far
Being alive
My grandma’s 80th birthday
My dad’s 55th birthday
My older older brother’s 35th birthday
My sister’s 14th birthday
Losing weight
New phone.
People calling and emailing me about how great this blog is and how they want to see more. I’m not even joking. Someone from another country called to tell me that they love my blog.

I have faith that these things I’m going through right now will end well.

I promise you guys that I’m back and I’ll start posting regularly (at least once a week). I may even have a 30 day challenge.

We’ll see how it goes.


6 thoughts on “HELLO!!!!!!

  1. I would say “Be encouraged”, but it appears you are doing a fantastic job of that already.
    Hang in there, dear, this too shall pass. The clouds shall part to reveal beautiful , blue skies.


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