Joy Dare(And More)

The joy dare is basically a challenge to list 1000 things you are grateful for in/for/during 2013

You can follow it on twitter with #1000gifts

1. Good health
2. Baby cousins
3. Nieces and nephews
4. Air
5. Family
6. Bread
7. God’s grace
8. Good people
9. A (new) job
10. The red colour of our dining area
11. The colour red
12. Blood
13. My red bible. (Graduation from secondary school)
14. Ability to read
15. Money
16. Paper
17. Love
18. Hope
19. Understanding
20. The many certificates I won in primary school
21. My camera
22. My blue heels
23. My phone
24. Joy
25. Happiness
26. The Stephen King novel(s) I’m currently reading
27. Light
28. TV
29. My favourite skirt
30. Emails.

I realised that I didn’t include books and movies in my last post.

Books I’ve Read
Devil Wears Prada Laura Weisberger. Master of the Game, Mistress of the Game, After the Darkness and The Naked Face all Sidney Sheldon. The Adventures of A London Call Girl. Very interesting book. Currently, I’m reading Bag of Bones. Stephen King.
All ebooks. Most from @iEdafe’s favourites

I haven’t watched any movies really. Mostly series. How I Met Your Mother from S01E01 to S08E11. Modern Family from S01E01 to S04E10. And Big Bang Theory. I watched Season 1&2 a long time ago. I’m on S04E13 now.

And, That’s all folks



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