Of this new year

Hey guys,
It’s already the second month of the year. I think this is my first post this year. Not a great way to start

This year is going alright so far.

So I wrote on 0Toxic‘s blog. My hopes, dreams, expectations…

I got a job as a virtual assistant for AprilLaugh.com

Wishlist source: google

•New lens for my camera
•Sewing machine
•A laptop: I use my mum’s. I want a Macbook or one of those new Samsung laptops. The super thin ones.
•Register for courses at New York Institute of Photography
•Makeup Box. Like a full, complete makeup box(those huge ones like suitcases) with everything inside.
•The Nexus 4 and/or the Galaxy Note 2.
•I found this Yoga place in Ikeja that I want to go to but …

This year I want to read like 150 books. It’s on my goodreads page

I’m doing the Joy Dare this year. I can’t find a link. If you want to do it, google it.

I should make more friends this year.

Do a giveaway on this blog.

Last year, I talked about keeping fit. I’m down another 5 pounds. I jog every morning except on Wednesdays and weekends.

I walk a lot now. Whenever I can walk instead of taking a bus or napep.

I want to cut off all my hair. I don’t have enough courage yet.

I’ll be posting my #1000gifts every week starting tomorrow.
I’m joining January and February

That’s all for now.
I should have another post before this week runs out


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