Weeks 7 & 8: Work and Hospital

Hello guys. Sorry I didn’t post last week.
Last week is pretty bleak now. I went to work for most of the week. I didn’t go on Saturday and Sunday only.
Nice things happened sha.
I went to unilag last Tuesday to see some friends. I ended up doing lije 30 minutes of a law class.
I got to work late throughout last week. Bus wouldn’t fill up fast plus traffic from Agege to Ojuelegba is terrible.

Someone paid my bus fare because I didn’t have change and the conductor was shouting.
There was this one time last week when there was no queue where i enter keke napep and it was like 6pm. I was too shocked.

I got a new cousin.

This Week
On Monday, I just developed a cold. Just like that. I went to work sha.

On Tuesday, mt mum came to wake me up. I couldn’t even stand up from the bed. I didn’t even eat or drink anything till i got to the hospital. When mumsi got back from work, she just took me to the hospital. My temperature was like 38.2 degrees.

I had malaria and fever and they discovered ulcer. I had never been so tired in my life.

I’m usually the last person to become ill. So it was so annoying. The last time I was admitted to a hospital was in 2006. I remember because I was discharged on the day of primary school graduation.

Anyways, the hospital was wonderful. The nurses, doctors, cleaners. everyone (really) was nice. The food was delicious. You had like 2/3 options to choose from per meal per day.

I was there from Tuesday evening to Friday evening.

It’s good to be back home sha. I hate being sick.

I’ve started taking my health, fitness and weight more seriously but they’re stuffing me with food at home and mumsi won’t let me go out. She says i need to rest.
But *these niggas can’t hold me back*  I lost 10kg in the last two weeks.

Sidenote:he worst way to track weight loss is in kilograms. You’ll just feel hopeless. Use pounds or inches. You actually feel like you’re making progress.

Anyways, that’s all for now.

I finally finished Skyfall and I’m up to S08 E01 of Hustle.

Also, #ChristmasOnTheStreetZ is coming up tomorrow (Christmas day) and it’s not too late to be involved. Just go to http://christmasonthestreetz.blogspot.com or contact @ada_d_body or @madphury

Laters and Merry Christmas :*

Grace and Peace
Have a lovely day 🙂


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