Week 5: On buying cars and Thanksgiving

Hello guys, end of another week.

I realize I need to come up with better titles for my posts in the weekly journal category.

This week has to be one of the best weeks of my life ever. It was quite boring but it was fantastic all the same.

Nothing really happened in this week so I’m going to talk about 2 things that have been on my mind all week.

First of all go down low, THANKSGIVING. There was so much noise on twitter about how Nigerians like to famz american culture. My own thanksgiving is a time to reflect on my life and all what God has done for me and thank Him for everything.

About 2 weeks ago, one of my daily devotion(s) was about Thanksgiving. The act was to write a list or 2 of everything your thankful to God for. From ‘A’ to ‘9’. I’m thankful for:
A: Apples, Ayoola, Aunts, (most) Animals, Adeola
B: Boys, Brothers, Beans, Beauty, Binjo, Bible, Bolaji, Blog C: Chicken, Christmas, Carols, Cousins, Countries, Cold nights D: Days of the week, Dara, Desola, Dansol, Debbie
E: Eyes, Everything, Eni, (The) Experience
F: Fries, Food, Friends, Family, Fruits, Funmto, Fred Hammond G: Girls, God,
H: Honey, Houses, Health
I: Ice Cream, Inem, Internet
J: Jesus, Juice
K: Kisses, Kirk Franklin, Kehinde, Kurt Carr
L: Limousine, Love, Lase
M: Music, Mother, Makeup, Me, Muyiwa, Mayowa
N: Noses
O: Oranges, Ore
P: Playfulness, Puppies, Pizza, Prayer Group
Q: Quilts
R: Rice, Results, Rain
S: Spectacular Sunrises and Sunsets, Sister, Songs
T: Teeth, Tongues, Today, Tomorrow, Tami, Travel, Twitter, Todimu, Taiye, Teachers U: Universe, Uncles
V: Verses, (some) Vegetables
W: Winter
X: Xray,
Y: Yesterday
Z: Zebras, Zinc
1: Nose, Mouth
2: Hands, Legs, Siblings
3: Places to be every week
4: Weeks a month
5: Work days
6: people that came to class yesterday
7: Days a week
8: people that started make up class
9: weeks + 1 since started photography.

(To all the people I forgot to include in this list, I’m sorry. I love you guys).

Second thing I wanted to talk about is the Nigerian habit of showing off. Most young people, when they have money, the first thing they buy is a car.
Young man, that car is not a good investment. It’s a liability. If you don’t have a steady income and your own house that you built or bought, then I don’t see why you have a car. You’ll see them, they have 3 cars. They’ll turn the landlord’s house to car park and be owing rent. When you get money, save up to buy land and build a house. Even if it’s a 3 bedroom bungalow. Or buy a house. At least you know that if everything else fails, you won’t be sleeping under the bridge in your fine jeep that you just bought.
Girls are not left out oh. Just because you think you’ll get married doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go and build/buy house. Don’t deceive yourself.
You’ll be there doing big boys and girls. Is big boy you’ll eat when you’re hungry.



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