Week 3

I apologize for posting a day late. Again!. This time was my fault tho. I totally forgot until yesterday morning and I just got time to type this.

I can’t remember anything that happened on Monday. Very boring day.

Apart from Maker Faire 2012 -Tuesday and Wednesday- (which I talked about here(Maker Faire Africa Workshop) and here(Maker Faire Africa)), this week was pretty much uneventful.

Mum made me stay home on Thursday. She did lowkey somethin and told me that I needed rest. She just wanted me to do house chores.

On Saturday, I started the makeup classes I talked about here. It was fun. I learnt a lot and I met fun people. We’re eight students. I think I’m the youngest there.

Sunday was GREAT. I did something that I had been afraid of doing and I had been putting off even when I had the opportunity to. And it was worth it. After that, I went for makeup class. There were 2 new people that joined the class so we’re now 10.

We got a new gateman last week. I didn’t even know until like Tuesday.

I guess that sums up my week.

Oh. The Experience is coming up. December 7th. Tafawa Balewa Square. I’m über excited. I’ve been wanting to go for like 4 years now and there’s a high possibility/probability that I’m going this year. YAYYY!

I wanted to start uploading all posts with at least one picture but WordPress for Blackberry wouldn’t allow me. Blackberry sucks.
I typed this yesterday but etisalat didn’t allow me upload

Grace & Peace!
Have A Lovely Day 🙂


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