Maker Faire Africa

Urine Powered Generator
A litre of urine gives up to 6 hours of electricity.
>Urine is put in an electrolytic cell to separate hydrogen
>Hydrogen goes into water filter for purification then into the gas cylinder
>Gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax, which is used to remove moisture from gas
>Purified hydrogen goes into generator.
It was created by 4 girls from Doregos. Adebola Duro-Aina, Abiola Akindele, Oluwatoyin Faleke (all 14) and Eniola Bello (15).
Cool toys made from plywood, wooden pieces, wire, water, motorcycle battery and syringes.

created by 15 year old Odo Gerald.
dump truck, back hoe, excavator and helicopter.
Low Effort, Easy-to-Use, Pepper Grinding Machine
I turned it and it was surprisingly very easy 
This thing made me feel inadequate. See small small pikin creating things and i’m here at my old age. what have i done.
Lagos Can Be Better If…

I was bored at the beginning. Then I met a lot of fun people. I drank palm wine. (It wasn’t fresh but the guys that did it said it was)

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