Week 2

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. My phone was being silly. This is your hint that I need a new phone

Anyways, my week was pretty boring. I got back from Ijebu Ode on Monday. 3 hour drive. And then there was no water at home. I wanted to cry.
Tuesday, I went to work. No wrok on Wednesday. Thursday to Sunday, I went to work. I love my job. I go 5 days a week and I don’t have fixed days. And there’s always so much drama. I get to meet many interesting people.

I got paid to take pictures for the first time. YAY! Nothing serious. Just like 4 pictures. But it’s a start yeah.
I haven’t gone to work on Sunday for like 2 weeks so I got to work yesterday and I was an hour and a half early. I almost died. It wasn’t even funny.

Only 2 things stood out this week:
I saw a woman driving a Keke Napep. It was funny because I was just thinking of how we have no female okada riders, bus drivers and the likes. I was remembering my school excursion to Togo where basically all the motorbike riders are women.

Second thing was that I saw a beggar give money out. Not even to another beggar oh. The woman had only N150 and the bus fare was N200. The bus driver was now really shouting at her to get out. The beggar guy had come to the bus earlier to beg and he gave the driver the remaining N50. I was too amazed.

I noticed something very random yesterday. (Almsot every) Fast food joint has red or yellow in their logo.

In exciting news, I found a bus that goes straight home from work. That means I save N20 and I don’t need to take 2 buses home.

Also, for people who are interested in makeup artistry, for personal or professional purposes, this might interest you.

It’s a 3 weekend crash course(if it’s time that’s limiting you)


10+ Makeup courses plus a business course
It’s for three (3) weekends. Starting November 10th from 10:00am

It’s only N35,000
You can pay a deposit of N20,000 and the remaining N15,000 before the course is over

Bonus: A free photoshoot and Do-It-Yourself DVD video tutorial, a free website created for you, a professional makeup artist kit consisting of: Eye Shadows, Blushers, Lips colors and a professional Brush set.

152 Awolowo Way Ikeja, beside Olive Microfinance Bank.

For Enquiries, call 08033223154

There are only 10 Slots left.

I don’t know why WordPress for Blackberry has refused to allow me upload media with my posts

Grace & Peace!
Have A Lovely Day 🙂


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