Week 1 of Many

Hello people, like I promised, this is the beginning of my weekly journal. I’m sorry it’s coming so late but better late…

Not much has happened in the days since Wednesday.
On Thursday, I went to Ijebu Ode. There was no traffic until after Redemption Camp. We left Lagos a few minutes after 12noon and arrived at my (maternal) grandfather’s house in Ijebu Ode at around 3pm. At a point, we thought we had missed our turning. It was too long. But it wasn’t as bad as the first time we came for ileya. We left Lagos at 5pm and got to Ijebu at about 1am the next day. That was like 4 or 5 years ago.

Friday was okay. We went to the mosque. The rams were slaughtered(killed is wrong). Then we went to my (paternal) grandmother’s family house. I didn’t know I had that much family members. The house was packed. We were there till like 7 and then we went back to grandpa’s house.

Saturday was my birthday. Nothing special. Same thing as Friday minus the slaughtering of rams. Someone sent me a voicenote of him singing happy birthday to me. (The best). Thank you for all the birthday prayers and messages. God bless you guys.

Today is the best day of the holiday. This is the reason I came to Ijebu Ode. The ‘Ojude Oba Festival. Basically, people come to pay homage to the reigning Oba. (HRH Sikiru K Adetona). I took loads of pictures. There were too many people. I tried to get a picture of the king but the security guys didn’t allow any one go up. There were policemen everywhere. Guys from SSS were there. The displays were beautiful with all the previous Balogun families coming with their horses. Glo is like the major sponsor of the event. Everywhere there were glo banners. FCMB is also a sponsor. I was on ground for most of it but when the displays were getting to rowdy and they were shooting into the air a lot, I went to sit down. I didn’t go for Ojude Oba to be trampled on by a horse. It was fun sha but we left before it was over.

We went back to grandma’s house but most of the other family members had gone back to Lagos. In the evening we went around town before going back to grandpa’s house.

The oddest thing about this holiday is that I didn’t really eat a lot of meat. I only ate meat like 3 times throughout.
I haven’t watched any movies or read any proper books. I say proper books because I’ve read some short motivational and self help things like this.

Anyways, it’s back to work on Tuesday. I can’t wait to be back in Lagos

Laters :*

Grace & Peace!
Have A Lovely Day 🙂


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