On Virginity and Business

On Virginity

People keep on asking: “why are nigerians obseesed with virgins and virginity blah blah blah?”

So I was reading “Arrow of God” by Chinua Achebe. I’ve had this book for about 3 years now. Never read it. Anyways, I was reading it and I got to the part where Obika’s new wife came then I realized why Nigerians are always talking about virgins and keeping virginity.

From days of old, virgins were held in high esteem. They were highly sought after. Virgins were allowed to be proud. Mothers were proud of their virgin daughters. Being a virgin was the height of success(before marriage sha) and if a girl was found as a virgin, the husband(and/or his family) would send gifts to his new wife’s family. Non-virgins on the other hand were ridiculed. It was practically an abomination to not be a virgin(if unmarried).

I think that sense of pride in being a virgin that was etched in our forefathers is still in us.

On Business
So I went for the Lagos Makeup Fair. It was FUN. I was bored at first sha. That Saturday was probably the best Saturday ever. A friend of the family was having a party 2 streets away from where the Makeup Fair was going on. So apart from the free makeup I won, I ate party jollof rice, small chops and took lots of drinks. Did I mention that that was the best day ever :). Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures. (Didn’t take my camera with me)

The day after, I did a mini photoshoot session with my sister. Me being the makeup artiste and photographer and my sister being the model.


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