Lord Roger

I just heard that today is Short Story Day in Africa so I decided to write a story. The time is 5:17pm now.


My name is Roger George Frumond. Third Earl of Westbury. During the reign of His Royal Majesty, King Edward III. Thousands of people look up to me and depend on me for their wants. I am engaged to Lady Susan Mandew, daughter of Stephen Micheal Mandew, fifth Duke of Edsbrough. The marriage was arranged my mother, the former Countess of Westbury. We are getting married by the Vicar in two weeks at the Cathedral of St John.

I am in trouble now as some women of the ton saw me go into the garden with Margaret Grey at the “coming out” of the Marquees’ daughter. Lady Margaret isn’t actually a lady. The women of the ton detest her. She isn’t a very respectable lady. If you get what I mean.

Usually, I wouldn’t be worried but for my future and that of the thousands of people who depend on me. You see, my late father wasted all our wealth on liquor and gambling and now, it is my duty to restore all our lost property. Lady Susan has quite a large dowry attached. Her dowry is of great importance to me.

Now I have to find a way to appease her, lest she calls off the wedding. Maybe I’ll take her to Madame Nicola. The best “modiste” in town.

So that is all. My short story. The time is 6:15pm. What do you think about the story?

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Oh and I was trying to send this via WordPress for Blackberry but it was being a female dog as usual


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