I actually don’t have anything to post today. I just realized that my last post was almost 2 weeks ago.

We have had no light since the 3rd of this month. Not for one second. In happier news, some of my friends graduated from SEF on the 7th. Congratulations to all of you. And I wish you guys good success in future. Made me think of my own graduation which is next month. Very excited.

I went for my NECO French Oral exam on the 6th. It was funny. The people. The environment. Everything. I can’t go into details for certain reasons. The most interesting part of it all was that I almost punched someone in the face(not a student of my school). It was my teacher’s presence that stopped me. I’m a generally calm person but I was hot, hungry and tired. We got there by like 8:30am and didn’t leave till after 4. And schools that got there after us left before us. Then the girl was giving me attitude and I had never seen/met her before then. I was just irritated.

Why do humans like focusing on the negative things. You do everything most things right and no one says anything or commends you but when you make one mistake. Very minute, small, tiny mistake and they all forget the good things and start disturbing you because of the mistake.

Then is it normal for people to measure how high the heel of a shoe is(with a ruler, in the shop) before buying the shoe. Do people do this?

Oh and there have been many posts and comments on the BBA slap. I haven’t seen it so I don’t really know what happened but I’ll just say this: “women are always hiding behind “a gentleman doesn’t hit a lady”. First, who made the rule? Second, who told you all men are gentleman. Some women just overdo ish. In my opinion there’s no big deal in the slap. She asked for it. You shouldn’t be making people angry and saying: “a gentleman doesn’t hit a lady”. If it was a girl, she would have slapped the Zainab girl too and nothing would have happened. Who says a girl can’t beat someone up as much as a guy and who says a girl can’t beat up a guy. Just stay in your lane and respect yourself. “a guy shouldn’t hit a lady” is trash. Double standard. Stay in your lane. Respect yourself. Whether it’s a guy or a girl. Keep calm. Don’t underrate people. Everyone should have self control.

Actually, the main point of this post is/was to apologize for not posting anything the past 2 Saturdays. I’m sorry.

I wanted to do another 30 day challenge. Seeing as I didn’t complete the first one but now I’m not so sure. Should I? Should I not?

Yeah and if you’d like to write for this blog or you know someone who writes please send an email to ltawaq@gmail.com

Also if you aren’t subscribed to the blog and you want to be notified (on twitter) when posts are updated/uploaded, send an email to ltawaq@gmail.com (with your handle in it)

God bless you 😀

Have A Great Day 😀


4 thoughts on “rant

  1. lol.. that french day! anyways, i don’t think anyone should hit anyone but then people do push people to the limit.. so, yeah “girls’ shouldn’t hide behind the belief that a gentleman shouldn’t hit a lady.. what did you do before you got hit?.. cool blog!


  2. The 30 day blog thing shouldn’t be done out of boredom but when you have content to last the duration..plus you must answer the question “would my readers want to read this?”

    Having considered these, make a decision 🙂

    All the best in your forthcoming exams.


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