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Disclaimer: I don’t know the point of this post

I finished my exams on Wednesday. So I tweeted that I had just finished my exams. Then I saw one tweet: “over 14k tweets and just finishing WAEC and people will wonder why they fail.” When I saw that tweet I was just like “What?! Are you kidding me.” I don’t get it. Why do people think that success in exams/tests and using the internet are closely related. For the record, I think I do well enough in school.

So today, my mum took me to the bank to teach me how to withdraw money from an ATM. So we were there and this guy comes and starts shouting: “you aren’t doing it properly”. In my mind I’m like “nigga what?” You’re standing like 2 feet away from us. How the hell do you know what we are doing. He now starts shouting at my mum that why is she teaching me and that is she just teaching me bla bla bla? When we got into the car mumsi said: “man yi, o le ma na iyawo e ni le”. [Translation: this man can beat his wife]
She now said: “or he may be a thief”. it was funny when she said it

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