I Love You

This poem was written by a friend of mine. Enjoy

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We started our little affair while we were in Primary school.
From the first day we met I was instantly hooked to you.
Our Little affair continued right to secondary school.
Junior School I was getting to know more about you
My love further increased for you.
By senior secondary school I had known everything about you
But like every relationship we have had our trying times. My parents tried to break us apart
telling me to stay off you and concentrate on more important things
but still I couldn’t get my mind of you.
They tried everything possible so we wouldn’t see any longer.
For half a year we were kept apart
but every day I thought about you
I looked forward to the day we would see again.
I told people about you with so much excitement
they felt I was crazy.
We shall be together very soon and this time am not letting go of you…
ever again!



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