Upcoming Music: The Psychology of Hype and Recurrent Disappointments

To start off the series, we are talking about music. We have @UPNEPA here. He blogs here and here. In his words, he is: “Awesome Ninja. President of The Friend Zone. International Chairman of The Tech Support Zone”

Everyone and their Blind Monkey is making music. See what I did there?

I still don’t understand why everyone with a voice thinks they have to record it over a beat and upload it to Hulkshare.

I guess it’s the downside of “digitisation”. You know, everything has an audio recorder and you can play Otis with your media player and record over it and sound stupid. I’m a HUGE fan of technology, so I support the fact that technology has made more people creators than content consumers. It’s not an excuse to be stupid.

The Psychology of Hype

“Maaaad track by UpcomingRapperWhoseParentsArePayingForHimToSitInLectures comes out at 9PM on Friday. RT! RT! RT!” I see this at least 20 times a day. It’s not even funny anymore. At first they announce that they have an upcoming track, then they send their friends the track and because their friends don’t want to hurt them[me, I’ll tell you the truth o], they continue the hype.

“SuperBumBum by UpcomingRapperWhoseParentsArePayingForHimToSitInLectures is a tune for centurieeees! You people have to hear it. I wish I could leak. Out on Friday. 9PM”. Then the hype becomes worse. Their female ‘fans’ start to tweet it. It’s on another level now. You can’t stop it, you can’t be unfollowing everybody and echofon won’t let you mute accounts.

    authors note: Hype is a great tool. Apart from Apple’s awesome ecosystem, the consistent hype by techblogs keep it going. Of course I brought technology into this. They made the first iPod touch and acted like they forgot to add a speaker. So they launched a second one the next year with a speaker and they still sold millions. Bloggers will exchange their blood for iPad 3 Rumors[For the first time, I successfully ignored all of them this year] but there’s not even an ‘iPad 3’, It’s just ‘new’.

Anyways, the track’s been hyped. You’re expecting something great, then Friday 9PM knacks and you’re off to hulkshare spending precious bandwith on a 5MB download. Then you hit play and you’re like :/. It’s funny how the singers always do well. It’s the rappers that mess up. Somebody will just come and say “agkljlagjslgkjds cat. aldjaklsgjlgds bat. ajdflkjakldsjlasjd sat. Mat. Fat. Ass. Bat.” and you’ll see that line get tweeted over 100 times in a week. GET ANOTHER CAREER JO.

I almost forgot. They hype hypes too. “We’re telling you guys something awesome this evening”. JUST TELL US OR GET AWAY DAMMIT.


I’m a very busy somebody so I don’t always have those few seconds to hit that hulkshare link. I think it’s important to support young people doing things. I think it’s also important for young people to do things before they finish uni or secondary school or whatever but please don’t come and be disgracing your family on the internet.

Why is it that most of the upcoming music groups have 3 letter names. First there was DRB and LOS. Now, there’s UBE and BMM. Like for real? Someone told you the only way to be successful in music was for your group to have 3 letter names. Come on guys! Think!

Not Liking Your Music Isn’t Hating

So a few weeks ago, Lade was tweeting how she didn’t like one of them upcoming groups and people were just abusing her. It got me confused really. It’s not possible to like everything that has words over a beat, coming from an audio device. I’m very likely to download an album or a track when many people are talking about it. It’s how I started listening to Childish Gambino and I like his start slow and vex in the middle of the track style. On the other hand, I’ve tried listening to The Weeknd. He just sounds like he’s screeching in my own ears. Someone suggested I should get new earphones. I’ll definitely do that but that doesn’t mean I should start dissing The Weekend’s fans and telling them they’re stupid or they don’t know what music is.

Big Ups

On the real, Big ups to everyone in the upcoming music industry. I like how they’re always rooting for each other and they share features and organise events to publicise their music. That’s just the way forward. I also like how BMM broke up from UBE and they’re still very much friends and they share each other’s links and what not. If it’s in some countries, people would have died ontop record label and be stupidly forming arch-enemies.

    Author’s note: If you don’t understand anything I’ve said, just forget it. Seriously 😐

Next week we have @Sirkastiq

Have a lovely day 🙂
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