today i stared at the stars
and I thought of you
I looked at them and remembered your lies
I looked at their shine and thought of your promises
the days we spent,the nights we talked
I picked out one single star
it reminds me of you
that’s the last star we saw together,
its shine is still as bright as ever
i look at it and i remember how we argued.
which star you were, and which i was
you said you were brighter because you are the man.
but your actions show you’re dumber,
you sure you’re one?
you picked me, then you picked her
but babe i can’t share, it’s the leo in me.
i let you go but now i’m scared.
i pick out lone stars and each i give a name
you’ve dimmed their shine, they’ve lost their glamour
today, i stared at the stars
and i still wished you were here.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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