The Afterlife(?)

We all know that Whitney Houston died today (RIP) and there were a lot of jokes and everything on twitter. This woman is a legend in her own way. Some tweeted about her achievements: “415 awards, …, 300,000,000 albums sold.
Lots of people die everyday. Some leave large marks, others leave little marks and some others don’t leave any marks at all. but this isn’t the point of this post.

An overactive imagination and nothing to do got me thinking. I’m thinking of creation, the importance of our very existence. Why are we on earth? God created us for what purpose. When we die, we go to heaven (or hell) and we’ll be there forever and ever and ever. So what if God had not created the Earth. Where would we be. Would we be in heaven worshiping God or would we have even existed? After rapture what would happen to the Earth and all the other planets?

What if none of this is real. what if there’s no heaven or hell. what if we aren’t real. what if we are just a figment of someone’s imagination. So we’ll roam the earth aimlessly for years on end? I get scared thinking about rapture and when the world would end and where I’ll spend eternity. So we either go to heaven and worship God for ever and ever and ever (there’s no end) or we go to hell and burn for ever and ever and ever). Thinking about forever and ever is pretty scary.
I think about some things I’ve done and some things that I’m doing and I’m thinking to myself where does this put you, blah blah blah.

I don’t think I got the message/point of this post across but I don’t know what/how else to put my thoughts into words. I’ve tried but this is all I could come up with

Yeah so that’s about it.

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Have a lovely day 🙂
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3 thoughts on “The Afterlife(?)

  1. Wow it’s great to see that your trying to look at things at a different angle, it’s good that your not just accepting what other people say and are trying find the right answer that will suit your understanding. But hey don’t worry about the big questions, the answers will eventually open up to you as you grow older, so expel all the fear you have it’ll all make sense soon enough. Have a blessed year ahead of you, and hopefully you’ll find the answers soon.


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