I am here to rant and no it’s not a political rant. I’m here to rant about a lot of different things.

So on Saturday, I had to follow my two year old cousin to a party. Her friend was turning 1 and someone had to stay with her.
During the children games, they told them to stand in a circle and say the alphabets as in: A for apple, B for ball, C for cat…
The children where saying absolute nonsense and I was wondering about Nigeria’s educational system. When 7 year olds can’t recite the alphabets properly, then there is cause to worry. The first child went A for apple, the second, B for ball, the third said C for Salt. after that someone said C for kitchen. I’m thinking that they should close down these primary schools and someone beside me laughs. Another person said G for Goat after the person before him said D for dog. What happened to ‘E’ and ‘F’. Nigeria’s poor educational system is why people in SS3 don’t know multiplication tables. Everybody can just go and build a primary school somewhere. Aunty Jane and Uncle John Nursery And Primary School.

There was this girl there that was always crying. When her mum didn’t allow her go on the bouncing(bouncy?) castle, she started crying. When she lost the dance competition, she cried again. Then I remembered when someone was crying and I asked why and the person told me she was crying because someone unfollowed her on twitter. In my mind I’m like you can’t be serious. Which brings me to my next issue: Twitter. Everybody is always going on about how twitter is not serious. Don’t be deceived oh. Twitter is very very serious. In fact it is as serious as *insert proper word here* I read somewhere that a company sued one guy like that for his twitter page because when he worked for them, he used it to promote their business and he gained about 2000 followers from this. One guy like that became a mini celebrity in his area after Kanye West followed him and apparently, he is the only person Kanye West follows. Also they deported some Pakistani guys from England abi the US because they tweeted a joke about bombing somewhere. People on twitter be receiving death threats because they didn’t(don’t?) follow back. It is not by force to follow back. To follow or follow back is by choice and not by force. except of course you’ve been threatened. When I was doing this, I saw this: @______ follow back if you want to pass your WAEC. So my dear friends, twitter is very serious. but it shouldn’t be.

Next is girls. At the party, there were some girls with makeup that would have shamed some masquerades. You girls need to chill. You’ll see girls using pink, silver, green, red, black and all sorts of colors for eye pencil. Some even combine 2 or 3 colours. There are some that will scrape off their eyebrows and draw them back in a curve till it is almost entering their eyes. Please except it is a photo shoot or a fashion show(you are on the runway) and it is applied by a professional, you are allowed to use only brown eye pencil. Also dark people should use darker shades of whatever colour they want as eye shadow and if you want to mix colours, mix sensibly and blend them properly. On cleavage. I’m not against showing some flesh but please leave something to the imagination. Also, It’s sad when someone wears a very beautiful short dress then ruins it by wearing leggings or worse jeans. I feel like crying. The beauty of the dress is that it’s short.

Lastly, guys. Why is it hard for boys/guys/men to take a hint. At the party, my friend(she has a younger brother who she came with) went to charge her phone and then one guy comes to meet her and asks for her pin. At first she pretended not to hear him and went to her seat. Later, she went to check if her mum had called. Guy was there and still asked her for her pin. She told him she couldn’t give him. He now came to meet me to give him her pin. I’m like: ‘chill bro’. It’s not by force.

Guest writers are still needed. Email: ltawaq@gmail.com Also go to http://www.thenakedconvos.com to ‘watch’ the online writers reality series/show: “The Writers”.
And someone explain to me what is wrong in dating your friend’s ex especially if she/he dumped him/her.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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10 thoughts on “Rant

  1. looool…. true o!!! D children nowadays r all olodos all dey know is Ben 10 😦 n yeah ladies… don’t over paint jor + a little bit of fresh shld b shown always…. It’s a major turn on 😉
    I enjoyed the read


  2. Holy cow! C for salt?? Lol good one there. The school thing never ceases to amaze me. Someone posted a picture of “Facebook nursery and primary school” in Nigeria on Facebook and I had to wonder what kind of teachers they would get. Maybe Zuckerberg’s employees? Nice rant! 😀


  3. i swear i was laughing like a complete fool in the first paragraph, dunno if it’s that funny -maybe, maybe not.
    i just want to say when i was seven we were spelling in parties so WTF?! and i do hear that my generation is not very smart but i’m happy now. -relieved and amused.

    i liked it… i think reading more about educational decadence from your POV would be something, cheers!


  4. You are improving. I think girls that wear jeans on short tops only have dignity. Uknow,i just might be tempted to peep. Girls Cover ur nudity. In all,fresh rant (y).


  5. LoooooL… About the dress nd jean,tot I was the only one that noticed… Absolutely disgusting.. Pencils are even better,what about the chics that would put on 5 colours of eyshadow nd den apply blush nd pink coloured lipgloss or stick. *sigh*
    And yeah,twitter is veeeery serious. Michelle Obama’s twitter page was launched nd celebrated 4 her ¯\..(•͡.Ì® •͡ )../¯


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