I’m also not into writing stories although i love reading them. (Click here to read my other story).

It’s been exactly a year since we left Dad. I saw it coming like 4 years before it happened. I always hoped that it would never happen yet i knew it would. Mum and Dad have always had this strained relationship. Dad’s family didn’t help matters. My family was never really peaceful. Mum and Dad always tried to put up happy faces but I saw beneath all that. There were little cracks here and there. Bracing myself for the blow didn’t lessen the pain of the blow. At all.
I still remember the day we left. It was a Saturday. Dad had come back home late and drunk the night before(Friday). Mum locked the door. She said she couldn’t allow a drunk man into her house. I guess they both forgot he had a key. Anyway when he had sobered up, he remembered his key. He got in and went straight to Mum’s room ( at this point, they had started sleeping in separate bedrooms). I woke up hearing shouts of oloriburuku, oloshi, alainitiju, omo ale, oloshi, ko ni da fun iwo ati awon imolebi e (useless man, shameless man, bastard, it won’t be well with you and your relatives). After giving Mum a thorough beating, he went out (probably to get drunk again). Mum decided that we were leaving. We went to my uncle’s house that day. We stayed there for about 2 months until we found a new house to move in.
Things were going smooth enough (considering the fact that we lived alone. No father figure) until Mum lost her job. We weren’t rich(even when dad was with us) neither were we poor. We just managed to keep afloat. We could afford a good school but that meant no traveling around the world, no shopping for new clothes regularly.
I don’t know exactly what my future or that of my siblings will be. My school organizes an inter-school(?) competition for SS2 students. The school sponsors the winner to write the Scholastic Aptitude Test and TOEFL. I hope I win. This is the only way I can get out of this hole and at least have more opportunities.

This is the story that I have been writing since last year. It’s not exactly the best but it’s what I could come up with. And I’m working on another story. 😀

Also, can someone pinpoint exactly what is wrong in going/travelling for your honeymoon on the night of your wedding

Finally, guest writers are needed. Anything and everything will be appreciated . Email

Have a lovely day 🙂
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