So I haven’t posted anything in over a week. And I feel bad about that so I decided to put up this essay I wrote in 2009 for the Ecobank Essay Competition when I was in SS1
I wrote this in 2009 for the Ecobank Essay Competition

The Nigeria of today is a far cry from the Nigeria of my dream. The Nigeria of today is one where we have corrupt leaders that we cannot trust and where young children live under bridges and hawk goods in streets rather than be in school. It is one that offers no hope for her youths and where people resort to demeaning activities like prostitution to fend for themselves and probably their families. It is one where the rich keep on getting richer and the poor poorer, where chaos is the order of the day and where the people are to be seen and not heard. It is where rights are not respected and where the police that are supposed to defend our rights harass us. She is a nation with a bad healthcare system like the case of our late president being flown to Saudi Arabia to be treated for his kidney problem that could not be treated here in Nigeria. It is where the youths go to bed hungry. It is a nation with a bad education system; even the educated minority find(s) it difficult to get jobs.
The Nigeria I dream about is one her people can believe in
and be proud of. It is one where proper formal education
and good health are commonplace. It is one where we can trust our leaders and our police force. It is one where there is peace, love and stability, one where everyone is respected despite their social class, culture and religious background. It is where there is good infrastructure like good roads, constant water supply and constant power supply, where everyone is given a chance to speak out without fear, where the poverty gap is minute and where there is a home and a job to everybody’s’ name
To conclude, the Nigeria of my dream is one that can stand up and proudly answer to being the giant of Africa


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