Occupy Nigeria

A lot has been said in the past few days concerning subsidy removal and the protests. Since my mother won’t allow me go out to protest, this is how I’m doing my part.
Many people don’t understand why Nigerians are protesting. A lot of people think it’s just about fuel subsidy removal. Nigerians, the ones that know why we are protesting, are protesting for much more than just fuel subsidy removal.
We are fighting against a corrupt government, we are fighting against a government that is not transparent. A government that is not accountable. A government that is not trustworthy. A government that lies to its people. A government that has impoverished its people while enriching itself. A government that goes against its people. A government that attacks its people.
Nigerians are angry. Nigerians want change. Nigerians want a change in the political system of our country. We are tired of the lies and the games the political elite use us to play.
It doesn’t even make sense for Nigerians to pay N65/l for fuel. We have oil. Rebuild refineries, give us a good transport system, repair our railway lines, good health care system, the situation of the educational system needs serious improvement.
Your proposed 25% cut on BASIC SALARY for the EXECUTIVE only does not even scratch the surface. You are to spend almost N1b on food when the average nigerian lives on less than N300 a day. All the allowances that you and your minions receive yearly cost us billions of Naira and you say Nigeria doesn’t have money.
Our government lacks vision. Malaysia is the biggest exporter of Palm Oil in the world. where did they get their plam kernel from? They got it from Nigeria.
When we get leaders who would put this country’s needs before theirs, then we can move forward.
I’m scared that people will stop protesting when the government reverts the price of fuel to N65. That is just the first step and a small drop in our bucket of victory.
So let’s stand up Nigeria. Let’s protect our future and the future of Nigeria. Let’s say no to this government. Let’s support one another. We are all Nigerians.
Click here to see what the Occupy Nigeria protests are about.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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8 thoughts on “Occupy Nigeria

  1. I agree with you that the main issue is corruption. Also Nigerians have a very poor maintenance culture so even if refineries are built coupled with the fact that money will ‘go missing’ somewhere down the line of authority, for how long do we expect these refineries to stay functional? We are the leaders of tomorrow, lets start from ourselves and indeed stand as one and #OccuoyNigeria


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