A New Year Begins

I’ve not posted anything since last year and I just feel like posting something this brand new year :D. It’s not long. At all.
The first thing i ate this year was sugar. Then an orange. I hope this makes my new year sweet.
Happy New Year to all my friends, acquaintances and family. A special thank you to Baba God for enabling me and everybody reading this post to start this new year. And I hope and pray that on 01/01/13, I’ll still see all of you (or your tweets sha).
Have fun.
Live life.
Let live.
And enjoy the beginning of what I think and pray will be a very wonderful year.
Life is too short for iranu
And many more good things this year has to offer.

Happy New Year :*.

And don’t forget to read my previous post (last year) here. 😀

And this year, I have to concentrate on my WAEC and things like that so I’ll be posting less frequently and i’ll need guest writers. Please please please. It can be on anything. Story, Rant, whatever you want to do. Just send it in an email to: ltawaq@gmail.com

Also, this year, by God’s grace, i’ll be graduating from high school/secondary school in July. This is probably the biggest thing that will happen to me this year


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