As The Curtains Close

This is obviously my last post of the year. This is a ‘Thank You/What 2011 Taught Me/Happy New Year’ Post.

2011 was very very fast. I remember 01/01/11 like it was yesterday. I’m watching Notarized 2011 and I remember watching Notarized 2010 like it was yesterday. 2011 was a blur of tears, laughter, friends, family, enemies, joy, sorrow, happiness, sadness and everything in between.

2011 taught me to be wary of people. Most people have ulterior motives. Nobody really wants to know your problems.
2011 taught me the difference between ‘a friend’ and ‘an acquaintance’. I learnt this from personal experience.
2011 taught me that God will always be there. Something happened to me this year. Something I’m not yet ready to share. But God was there (and a few FRIENDS.)
2011 taught me to always say what i think/thought. If i say it, life goes on. If I don’t, life goes on. And besides I’m getting a load off my chest.
In 2011, I realized why I was afraid of staying in a room with only one other person. I had blocked out this from my memory and I just reopened this year.
2011 taught me who to open up to. I learnt who to trust. 2011 taught me that if I think I can do something, I can. 2011 taught me to believe in myself.
2011 made me realize that some people will just not like you no matter how nice you are to them.
2011 taught me not to let other people’s opinions weigh me down. I learnt not to listen to negative opinions.
2011 taught me to be happy with myself and who I am. I am who I am and there is nothing anyone can do or say ti change this.
2011 taught me that everything is not what it seems and that I shouldn’t take anything at face value
And finally, this year proved that Thomas Edison was right: ‘No one can make you feel inferior but yourself’.
Oh and 2011 also taught me that our president has to be the most useless president in the world since the beginning of when people had presidents.
At the beginning of the year, I made only 2 resolutions which of course didn’t come through(or is it true). But for next year, I have no resolutions. I plan to take each day as it comes.
My faith/belief in God was very shaky this year. They were put to test. I want to say a biiiiig thank you to the 5 people who helped me through this period. Eni Fakoya @el_frida7 (up and coming fashion designer), Dara Siyanbola @Dar_aah, Inem Okwok @Misz_inem, Ayoola Dada @Mss_Dee_ and another who will not be named.
I ‘met’ a lot of people this year. On twitter and in person. These people have become an escape for me.
Finally, I want to say a big thank you to everybody who opened this blog link and read it. For everybody who I’ve met through this blog. For everybody who has liked and commented on any post. For the 1645 views this blog had in the past 5 months. For the over 100 comments and for the 10 people that thought this blog was good enough for them to subscribe to. And I want to say thank you to my lovely lovely sister, Tami, for putting up with me and all my noise about this blog. I love you.
Finally, a big thank you to God, my friend and my father for being with me and seeing me through (my bouts of depression) this year.
Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger held true for me this year.
Here’s to the end of a-not-so-wonderful year and to the beginning of what would hopefully be a great year.
I wish you all the good things of life and everything you wish yourselves.
And all of you that were shouting Goodluck Jonathan in April, where are you now.
Happy New Year.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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8 thoughts on “As The Curtains Close

  1. Eniyanu was a girl of substance,I always wantd to talk to her in school but was always shy. She is one person dat even if I don’t talk to her ever I will Neva forget her till I die bec she touched me, she might not recognize me but I always admired her . Stay blessed luv and don’t worry elfrida is not going places………… It has already gone places nd is already been rewarded 🙂


  2. Lessons learned are a sign of wisdom, especially when the teacher is life. With life, there are no timetables, so many miss out on the lessons.

    Glad to see you are wise. Stay so.



  3. My first time here…and i just found me another GEJ hater(like myself), lol
    2011 sure taught you a lotta things, Nice Piece!(y)


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