Our Dear President

Goodluck Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan

Don’t ask me what my country will do for me but ask me what what I will do for my country. — Abraham Lincoln

What exactly is our dear president doing for us and our country? Is he here to move us forward or is he here to further destroy us. He uses his post to fight personal battles. Instead of him to focus on the job at hand, he is battling with a state governor over control of the state. Instead of him to focus on important issues, he goes ahead, to give the impression that he is working, to ban gay marriages, introduce new identity cards and new plate numbers. How does banning gay marriage solve the problems nigeria’s economy is facing, among other things. Instead of you to find a way to reduce nigeria’s budget, you increase it by introducing nonsense schemes that will only add to your pocket and that of the senators.

The other day, our dear president posted on facebook: ‘i’m eating cassave bread for breakfast and that is what i will eat till the end of my time in government’. (Or something like that sha). Nobody freaking cares. He eats cassava bread, He drinks champagne. He eats cassava bread, He lives comfortably. He eats cassava bread, he eats 3 square meals or more. So Mr President, we don’t bloody see your point.

Removal of fuel subsidy. I honestly don’t see how this benefits anybody except our beloved president and his ministers. I think Nigerians have not been motivated enough for us to have a revolution. If When they remove fuel subsidy, that will be the last stroke. I think Nigerians need to stand up and revolt. We nned what happened in Egypt, Libya and the rest of those Middle East countries. We don’t have to be as bad as them before we realize that there is a problem in/with Nigeria.

I used to have hope in Nigeria. I used to believe in Nigeria. But now, it seems to me like there isn’t any hope for our country. Things are just getting worse and worse. In a generation where everybody is just sitting and complaining and nobody is ready to do anything, is there hope fo us? I don’t think that the people that say Nigeria would separate by 2015 are far off the mark. There is too much tribalism and racial prejudice in Nigeria.

I digress. Back to what i was saying. Mr President please explain to us how removal of fuel subsidy will benefit this country. We have 4 non functioning oil refineries in Nigeria. But our ‘leaders’ must not do anything sensible, so Mr President will no fix the refineries but he will continue wasting money to export oil and import oil produce.

High unemployment rate is equal to more time in the hands of the youth is equal to high crime rate. Why eont Nigeria have a high crime rate when we don’t have jobs. See people who graduated from university 3 years ago looking for jobs. Recently in school, we read this poem ‘Ambassadors Of Poverty’ for literature. This poem depicts Nigeria’s problems. Everything is not the government’s fault but the bulk of it lies on the government. Someone tweeted: ‘I was asked to name a leader in Nigeria, i couldn’t name any’. Nigerians need to decide what they want and if they would continue ‘suffering and smiling’.

Mr President wants an extended stay in government. He has not proved to be worthy of the 4 years you voted him for yet he wants 6/7 years. Also, Mr President since you have so much time on your hands and are not doing anything, please teach your wife English for your good and that of every other Nigerian. Also, stop her from making public addresses.
Even while i was writing this, someone tweeted that the new license plates cost 25000 naira and that the old one would soon ‘expire’. See what i’m talking about?

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Have a lovely day 🙂
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8 thoughts on “Our Dear President

  1. Exactly if he eats cassava bread how does that help Nigeria,if he likes sef he should go and drink garri nobody cares.I swear he should go and teach his wife english,if he knows he can’t teach her good english or get someone to teach her good english he shouldn’t allow her to speak in public. Is it by force to talk ni?


  2. i once wrote an article similar to this but i deleted it. In a place where vices have become the norms, you can only pray and urge your fellow nigerian to press forward for the mark and shun all evil practices. You have to make Nigeria what you want it to be and as people frequently say “it begins with you.”


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