Out Of My Head

I’m not really a poem person and I hardly ever write poems but this just came to mind. Enjoy


I look at you, I look at me
You are happy in your own world
I’m detached from my environment
I’m detached from any feelings

I feel like an intruder
I feel like an outsider
Do i belong here?
Why don’t I belong here

I’m drowning in an abyss of pain
I’m drowning in my loneliness
I’m drowning in my tears
I’m drowning in my sorrow

The tears pour out
Slowly at first
Now there’s no stopping
This free flow of emotions

Everything is blurred
They are all turning around
The thoughts in my head
I can’t think straight

I’m going down
Down down down
It gets darker, darker and darker
Till I can’t see a thing

I try to get out
Climbing, clawing
I’m screaming
But no one can hear me

I’m too deep inside
Inside this dark abyss
To be heard
To be seen.


I don’t understand what i typed up there so I leave it all to you to comment


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