I finally have my phone back. Now i can post anything i think of whenever i like. It was really annoying when i didn’t have my phone because i would think of one very great topic but no where to put it down.
I am also done with exams(for now.) We thank the lord.

Onto today’s post. I remembered this when i heard that our very great first lady Dame Patience Jonathan said: ‘everybody has HIV. It’s just that some of us are positive and others are negative’ I want to believe this is a lie. GEJ can like to hire an English teacher. Anyway I wrote this piece when i was in JS1(Basic 7)

This is my story on the cause of aids:
All the different disease causing virus and bacteria were angry that humans had found a way to defeat all of them. So they called up a meeting to deal with/punish humans for this.
They then decided to combine forces and create a disease that man wouldn’t be able to cure. They joined forces and became what we now know as the HIVirus which causes aids.

The cure for aids:
Combine all the things used to make up all the drugs used to cure all the diseases and there you have your solution.
PS: if anybody actually tries it out and it works, we are in it together o. If it doesn’t work, i do not accept liability for whatever negative effect it has on anybody.

I saw on twitter today that a guy butchered/hacked his (ex)girlfriend because she cheated on him. If someone cheats on you, you are entitled to vex but it is never this serious.

Now that i have my phone back, I am ready to tackle GEJ. Guy is absolutely useless

Christmas is coming
Give something to someone today.


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