I Love My Boobs, Do You?

I copied this from Isetfiretotherain’s blog(i had to edit it because she posted it on October 10). Breast cancer is something people dont take seriously. Many people are not even aware of breast cancer. And i bet many of you dont know that boys can have breast cancer. So, my advice to whoever is reading this is that 1) if you dont know about breast cancer, google it. 2) when you find out, tell somebody.

I remember how anxious I had been to wear my first bra, I had started out wearing the little bra vests-the kinds that look like singlet but are actually bras. Being one of the first in my group of friends then in high school to grow boobs(using that word loosely) I got teased a few times by the ‘flat-chested’ ones, even though I knew they all secretly couldn’t wait to wear their own bras.

Over the years, my breasts grew and developed, while not exactly huge, they are a far cry from what they used to be. Most of my then ‘flat chested’ friends are now D and H cups, even though I wish my twins were bigger, I remain thankful they are as they are. I have grown some affinity for them, and in all honesty I cannot envision myself without them. Even the taunts on social media and from dudes generally about girls with average boobs(notice what I did here? I don’t want to call my boobs small so there!) does not remove from this.

Last month I met this extremely beautiful woman, we got talking and she shared a story that greatly moved me. She spoke of her joys and fears, of her battle with cancer and how she had a close shave with death. Two years ago, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, the doctor had said the cancerous cell had eaten too deep that they couldn’t do anything to save her. They advised her to go home and put her house in order. We all know ‘put your house in order’ is doctor lingua for ‘prepare to die’.

Refusing to believe that all hope was lost, she travelled to India on the referral of one of her friends to get examined, and the doctor there cast a rainbow in her dark sky. He proclaimed her extremely lucky, a week more and they would have lost her, cancerous breasts and all, they however needed to amputate her breasts. At this time, the cosmetic beauty her breasts gave was farthest from her mind, anxious only to save a life, her life and in so doing save her family the grief and agony of losing her to cancer. She was readied for surgery immediately and both breasts were cut off.

Almost a year later, she tells me, she walks around with a deeper appreciation for the female boobs, not like she could do otherwise given her circumstances. I was blown away by her cheery disposition despite what she had been through. She radiated happiness and cheer and a strong will to rise above her challenges. For some of us, that would have been a gate pass to the depression mansion.

As I leave her, I almost can’t help but feel my chest for my boobs. I shudder as I imagine living with a gaping hole where my breasts used to be. And I made a solemn promise to myself to take utmost care of them, for what use are sweet oranges if they’ve got maggots inside? You will all agree that the breasts make up for at least 60percent of a woman’s beauty. She was lucky, many more aren’t. Some lose their lives.

I conducted some research on some symptoms of breast cancer and these are a few:

>A breast lump or thickening that feels different from the surrounding tissue.
>Bloody discharge from the nipple.
>Change in size or shape of breast, swelling.
>Changes to the skin over the breast, such as dimpling.
>Inverted nipple.
>Peeling, scaling or flaking of the nipple or breast skin.
>Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange.

This October is breast cancer awareness month, if you leave this page with nothing else, leave it with the knowledge that you can save your life, your girlfriend’s, mother’s or sister’s. You can do your own bit by feeling your breasts regularly for unusual lumps, encourage your friends and family to do same. If you are male, feel your wife or girlfriend’s boobs. Get examined, see your GP, go on the internet and read up on breast cancer. For the life you save today, just might be yours.


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2 thoughts on “I Love My Boobs, Do You?

  1. I guess i’d love your boobs too, if i get to see ’em. Lol! Really good write-up! The pretty lady’s story is quite moving. I wonder how she’s coping daily.

    May hit you up on the guest blogger thingy…if i can get around to it.

    This is a very important read for all women. Thank u.

    …and, yeah, happy 3 months on blogsville!


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