Sorry And Thank You

*clears out cobwebs from blog page*
it has been a very loooooooooong time since i posted something and i am very very sorry.

First off, i say thank you.
Thank you for all your comments, likes, mentions, retweets, dms and all of that
Thank you for even taking time to read this blog
I want to specially thank @OluwaWanaBaba for always advertising my blog on his blog. Thank you very much

Back to the i”m sorry
I havent been able to post anything cuz of school and i have been very very busy.
I”ll be neding guest bloggers so if you are interested please please please email me @
KevinWithAnL your help will be deeply appreciated.

I have to leave now
I”ll post something later on

and yeah that story i wrote about an abused girl is not real and it did not happen to me
it is totally fictional

i did not proof read this so please ignore all typos and gbagauns
remember send emails to

Much Love


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