A Little White Lie

Today’s post is supposed to be about my views on religion but i’ll do that tomorrow. This just came to mind when i was reading a blog yesterday about telling the truth and things like that.
You know those little lies we tell so we don’t hurt feelings?
Like when your girlfriend cooks and the food is terrible, you tell her it is good. Or when your sister is wearing the most hideous combination of clothes and looks like a rainbow, you tell her she looks nice.
Here is an example of what I’m talking about. I was reading a book about this man. He is a pastor. He went to a small town as a guest pastor and after that, the wife of one of the members of the church invited him to dinner. She had cooked Jambalaya. Her family had been eating this every Sunday for the past year or so and it is(was) terrible. They just kept on saying it was good. Now when he went for the dinner, he ate the first spoon and wanted to spit. He just tried to shovel everything down his throat. When they finished, the husband asked: ‘how was the meal?’ He didn’t know what to say. Should he lie and say it was good so he doesn’t hurt the woman’s feelings or should he tell the truth and say it was horrible. He decided on telling the truth. He said that that was the most horrible Jambalaya he had ever tasted in his life. The husband was very pleased as he had been waiting for someone to help him tell his wife.
I remember one Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode i watched where Kim promised to take the twins to the beach. She forgot and instead of her to tell them she forgot, she said she broke her leg(or sparained her ankle. I don’t remember). When they went to see her, she was outside her house getting things from the boot of her car.
My point is should we tell these little white lies so we don’t hurt feelings or should we just say the truth to avoid complications?
Jambalaya is a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French influence.

PS: my friend Dapo. Great designer. Does mostly corporate stuff. Email me for more info (ltawaq@gmail.com)

Have a lovely day 🙂
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