Day 12

Why would someone just come and say: ‘Lade take this 30 million naira.’ When I’ve not done anything for the person’s life. I’ll be skeptical. I can’t just collect money from anybody like that.
Anyways, if this does happen,

  • I will TRY to give 3 million to charity first (easier said than done)
  • I’m left with 27million. I’ll go on a trip round the world. That is roughly 6million.
  • I’ll be left with about 21million. I’ll build a house that would put all the houses on MTV Cribs to shame. Around 7 million.
  • 14 million left. I’ll build a spa/salon(make-up and nails included). Around 9 million.
  • I’m left with 5 million which I’ll invest money in the fashion industry, entertainment industry and food industry.
  • OR
    I’ll just keep all the money in a bank, give 3 million to charity and go on my round the world trip. Maybe even buy a Private Jet. B)

    And by the way I googled the cost of building a house and a spa and a round the world trip


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