Day 11

Today’s post is about my first crush. I can’t remember who my first crush was but i know it was around the time i was in Primary 3. I had a crush on 3 boys at that time. One of them was in my class, the other 2 were in Primary 4. I think I had crush(es)??? on 3 of them till I left primary school. I used to think of rubbish like: which one of them I was going to marry, how many children we would have, and how our wedding will be. I used to write letters to them and keep the letters in my bag. The day one of the Primary 4 boys spoke to me, I was too excited. All my friends that knew where now teasing me. One of the three bought me a gift on my birthday and I almost died from joy. That was the one i liked the most. I later found out that the one in my class also had a crush on me.
So there. My first crush.
I’m trying to make this post longer but i can’t think of anything to add to it. So till tomorrow sha.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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