Re: 30 Day Challenge

This posting something off the top of my head is just giving me headache. So after reading a lot of other blogs, I have come up with a list for the next 20 days of my 30 day challenge.

Day 11 – My First Crush
Day 12 – If I had 30 Million…
Day 13 – My Addictions
Day 14 – My Views On Religion
Day 15 – Put Your iPod On Shuffle And Write 10 Songs That Pop-Up
Day 16 – The Meaning Behind My Blog Name
Day 17 – My Role Models
Day 18 – 3 Wishes
Day 19 – The Perfect Date
Day 20 – My Best Friend
Day 21 – Things That Piss Me Off In A Guy
Day 22 – Things I’ll Never Get Tired Of
Day 23 – My Talents
Day 24 – My Favorite Quotes
Day 25 – Things To Do Before I Die
Day 26 – My Views On Drugs And Alcohol
Day 27 – How I Hope My Future Will Be Like
Day 28 – Embarrassing Moments
Day 29 – What I’ve Learned These Past Weeks
Day 30 – Vote of Thanks

Magic(by LOS ft Shank) video dropped today and i still can’t find it. Can someone please put the link in the comment box. Thank you :*

Have a lovely day 🙂
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PS: I do professional gele and make-up


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