Cultural Identity 2

Today’s post was supposed to be on something else but when i read that my cultural identity post, i decided to do a part two.

In case i didn’t drive my point well enough before, culture is important. Diversity is a positive thing. If everybody is the same and there is no difference, the world would just be bleh. Ok. On the issue of our culture, the foreigners want to be like us. We want to be like them. They want to have dark skin so they tan. We want to have light skin so we bleach. They want to learn about our culture and our roots. We(my generation) on the other hand are not concerned about anything. When we have all them festivals to showcase our culture here in Nigeria, you’ll see many white people there. They are interested unlike us. We are ashamed of our culture.
Sometime ago, i re add about 5 americans who came to nigeria to study Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo. 2 of them studied Yoruba, 2, Igbo and 1, Hausa. They all took names from the cultures they were learning about and spoke the languages. Many of us Nigerians can’t speak our languages. A girl was asked to write an essay in Yoruba about her mother. This was what her essay looked like: Iya mi is the best mother in the world. Iya mi is a good iya… you get. If we don’t preserve our culture, who will?. If we refuse to learn our languages now, a time would come when we will have to and then we will be paying foreigners to teach us our own languages.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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