Education in Nigeria

I can’t say I’ve not been able to post anything because of writer’s block. I’m not even a writer so how can i have writer’s block. I’ve had this in my draft for about a week but i haven’t had time to edit it.(Or maybe because i was too lazy). Anyway sha i have finally gotten around to edit it. The issue is sad really because the people that are mostly affected are people like me. Children. And in the words of a woman we all know ‘The future leaders of tomorrow’.

Everybody knows that nigeria has a lot of problems. But the state of our educational system is saddening. It is not just terrible. It is inside gutter.
How can someone who says he went to school say that the largest city in west africa is ‘South Africa’. South Africa? Another one that baffles me: Q: who is Ban Ki Moon. A: president of france. What did they teach you in your primary school social studies and general knowledge.
I will not even go into the kind of things we see on twitter and facebook. People that are supposed to be educated. Gbagauns that will make you run. And i wonder, if our educational system is like this, how do you expect children like me to succeed. Only the children of the rich get good education. The intelligent ones in public schools are not able to achieve full potential because they are not taught well. In this day and age where it is very important to be computer literate, the only thing most people can do is to use the internet. Most of them are limited to porn, facebook, twitter etc. They don’t actually know what they can get and learn from the internet. Few people actually know how to use a computer.
Once upon a time in Nigeria, public schools were on the same level if not better than private schools. What do you expect the child to do. How do you expect him to know when the teacher that is teaching him doesn’t even know what he is teaching about. The teachers that teach us don’t know what they teach us. English teachers make grammatical blunders that make you wonder if they wrote waec or jamb. I think another cause of this problem is that teachers are underpaid. The average public school teacher doesn’t have incentive to work because he/she feels that he/she is not being paid enough. Another problem is lack of good books and resources. If you go to a public schools you’ll see around 100 students struggling to fit into a class meant for 50 people, not enough books, no laboratories etc. Do you expect the students or the teachers to function well in such an environment.
in the words of Fela: teacher no teach me nonsene.

Have a lovely day 🙂
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