The Lagos State ‘Negligent’ Husband Law

The above topic was all over twitter about a week ago. This piqued my interest as I heard more about it. Then, it was a bill waiting to be passed. It was passed in Lagos State on Tue, Aug 16, 2011(yesterday)

This law basically states that if you impregnate a woman, you have to face your responsibilities and provide for mother and child. The governor of Lagos state said that this bill was brought forward because of the escalating number of women and abandoned children in hospitals. These people are a burden to the government. I can say that this is true because i’ve seen it first hand. A woman once came to my dad’s hospital to deliver her child. After 3 days, she left the child and didn’t come back. Nobody knew how she got past everybody including the gate man but we know she left.
When they eventually found her, they asked her why she did what she did. She replied that there was nobody to help her look after the child and that the person that impregnated her didn’t want anything to do with her

Like everything else, this law has its advantages and disadvantages. Like i said in my earlier post, Nigerians are dying and suffering because of ignorance. If you are a man and you like to knack be ready to face the consequences if something goes wrong. Many men, especially the uneducated ones, will go around sleeping with every woman they see. Maybe even rape them. Then if the woman(women) get(s) pregnant, the men claim ignorance. As for the women,they are ignorant and don’t know their rights.

Look at this scenario: Bose and Bode have been married for a while now. Bose has 2 children for Bode. One day Bode just gets up and decides that he is not going to take care of Bose and ‘her’ children anymore and that he wants her and ‘her’ children to leave the house. If Bose is uneducated and unaware of her rights, she won’t be able to do anything. She would just go and live a life of poverty and want with her children. But if Bose is educated and aware of her rights, she will know that she has a right to child support from Bode as he is the father of her children. I’m not saying that a man must not leave his wife or that if a guy impregnates a girl he must marry her. I’m just saying that if you have children from a woman, it is your responsibility to look after them. Take care of the feeding, clothing, schooling etc.

Some people say that this law is stupid as some women would become cunning and device ways to get pregnant for a man so that she can force him into marriage. I know that this is possible. But we have to look at things well. I think that on the most part, this is a good law and will be beneficial to women because they have suffered to much and for too long. Also, women should be educated on their rights and they should be empowered.


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